Colette Aliman

Colette Aliman is a creative researcher working within the fields of Design and Art. In 2017 she moved from New York City to attend the Contextual Design Masters at Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands. After graduation, in 2019, she launched the platform: Sonic Recalibration Lab to explore the soundscapes that we and other species find ourselves in as a result of the industrial revolution. In 2020, Colette Aliman and Lauriane Heim began their design research platform studiocalh. Colette finds an intuitive relation to sound and translating complex scientific knowledge into design, a focus in all of her projects. Her topics of interest and research include multi-species-culture(s) sonic intersections, raising awareness of citizen’s choice in a product’s sound design, and speculative R&D in the future of the industrial revolution soundscapes. Her work advocates for the investigation of urban soundscapes through the methodology of intuitive recalibration.

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Prognosis (FM-000)



In development is a collaboration between the Sonic Recalibration Lab and Robert Drew (HEK OPS) to create an interactive platform to gather onomatopoeic language that the urban civilian would like to use to envision what the mechaphony could be. In research and development is an interface to create the objects of our future mechaphony, using an onomatopoeic catalogue, users can design the instruments of the future mechaphony by the method of reverse foley. Designing with the sound first, users play the role of engineer and designer to envision our future devices and machines.