Constructing with Permeable Augmentation



This tea set is constructed out of two

realities, a solid physical form which is

then layered with augmentation, as if

dipped in a a lucid bath.

The elements of this tea set, a teapot,

teacup, and teaspoon, take on the

continuous and effortless transformability

that digital animation programs for 3D

designed objects are able to provide.

Using smoke as a strategy of manipulation

to the exterior, the possibilities of form

changes depending on the permeability of

the object and its environment.

Unlike digital animation, the silky smooth

spillover creates unrepeatable shapes,

manipulating the form of each object, it can’t

be fast-forwarded, rewound or looped. The

elements to this tea set become dependent

on the animation from the augmented physical

reality to activate its presence.

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