'Do I Contradict Myself' at SPRING/BREAK Art Fair's BLACK MIRROR

On view February 28 - March 6 at SPRING/BREAK Art Show, Room 2333, 4 Times Square, NY, NY 10036 

An evocative self-portrait explores the multiplicity of the self. It presents the moment the wizard pulls the curtain to reveal the tricks of the performance. This private view into the individual presents the shapes that form our identities. It is a massive, often undiscovered country of psychological space that represents the various relationships, experiences, commitments, dreams, and fantasies housed by our inner selves.

In Song of Myself, Walt Whitman notes, “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” To explore this multiplicity, Do I Contradict Myself? presents the work of COLETTE ALIMAN, MAISIE MAEVE MYFAWNWY, FANNY GENTLE, ALEX GOLDBERG, JAMIE ISRAELOW, YUNJUNG KANG, and VICTORIA MANGANIELLO.

Cloth is a medium that all humans interact with everyday and is used as a marker or contradiction of identity. These artists are abstracting a familiar material so that the viewer is able to use it as a lens through which to see the architecture of the artist and the physical space in which this narrative lives.

This collection of artists shows how textile art is not an apparatus, but a contradiction between our outer and inner selves. It is both the cloth with which we cover ourselves and a direct reflection of the artist who is weaving in her multiplicity between the thread and lace.

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